Theater Plays

The work in under  way to showcase two plays , one in the Philippines, and another in Sri Lanka. Both countries were victims of protracted ethnic and religious war

The Philippines playwright Maria Lourdes Jacob had the world premiere in Tagalong of the play BATANG MUJAHIDEEN ( Child Soldier) in May 2016, and the work is in progress in translating it into English. It is a three act play with music/chanting and dance ( moro-moro, senaculo, kundiman and rap within a Brechtian framework.

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The second play is a new version in Tamil and Sinhalese of the Brecht´s play “The Caucasian Chalk Circle”. The play is not about the war as such. However, the project, commissioned by UNESCO´s International Fund for Promotion of Culture (IFPC) has for its purpose to play a major role in bringing the once harmonious co-existence of Tamil and Sinhalese cultures, ruptured during the long civil war, back into peaceful coexistence thorugh reconciliation. The play will be performed, and the project carried out, by the Janakaraliya (Theatre Of the People) under the guidance of Parakrama Niriella, the Artistic/Chief Executive Director, member of SSCC Working Group on Art as a Tool for Global Peace. Actors are a mixed cast of the two ethnic groups, once locked in a bitter war which ended only seven years ago.

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